Kamatera Review 2023: Prices, Features & More

What is kamatera?

Kamatera is a global cloud services platform that provides enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products for organizations of all types and sizes, including cloud servers, cloud block storage, private cloud networks, cloud load balancers, cloud firewalls, fully managed clouds, and more . Kamatera currently has 18 data centers around the world, mainly in the United States, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and China, providing services to tens of thousands of customers, including start-ups, application developers, international enterprises and SaaS provider.

Kamatera is also a Microsoft Approved Business Partner, meaning it is certified to provide services featuring Microsoft software.

Kamatera VPS Hosting pricing (Cloud Hosting pricing)?

Kamatera Cloud VPS Hosting Hourly Billing Plans and Prices:

CPUMemory(RAM)StorageTrafficTotal monthly priceVPS pay per hour
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Kamatera pricing is always the easiest to understand. As this picture shows, it’s easy for us to find the perfect hosting plan. By understanding the essential difference between plans, you can select the best option for your website.

 * 1 core CPU and 1GB RAM

Choose this if you have a single, low-traffic WordPress site and don’t need staging sites or on-demand backups.

 *2 core CPUs and 4GB RAM

This is the best starting plan for most people. Several advantages are obvious to choose this kamatera server.

  1. Performance improvement: A 2-core CPU has higher processing power compared to a 1-core CPU. It can handle more tasks simultaneously and manage larger workloads. Having 4GB RAM provides greater memory capacity, supporting more applications and processes to enhance overall system performance.
  2. Concurrent processing: A 2-core CPU can handle more threads and processes concurrently. This is crucial in situations where multiple applications need to run simultaneously or when dealing with multiple user requests. Having 4GB RAM also provides more memory space for these concurrent tasks, preventing memory shortages.
  3. Scalability: Choosing the configuration with 2-core CPU and 4GB RAM offers better scalability. As your business grows and requires more resources, it becomes easier to upgrade to higher-spec servers without having to replace the entire server. This flexibility helps you adapt to future changes in demand.
  4. Software requirements: Certain applications or software may demand higher CPU cores and memory capacity for optimal performance. Opting for the 2-core CPU and 4GB RAM configuration better meets these requirements, ensuring efficient operation of the required software.

In summary, choosing a configuration with 2-core CPU and 4GB RAM provides better performance, concurrent processing capabilities, and scalability to accommodate higher demands and more complex applications. However, the choice of configuration should align with specific usage requirements and budget considerations.

 *8 core CPUs and 16GB RAM

Choose the configuration caters to the high-performance, concurrent processing, reliability, scalability, and security requirements of enterprise-level users and business applications. Such a server configuration will deliver outstanding performance and provide reliable support for your business.

Kamatera 30-days free trial

In addition to the above prices, Kamatera also offers a 30-day free trial plan. You can click on the following link to view the specific tutorial: [how to claim kamatera free trial]. This free trial plan allows you to fully understand Kamatera’s services and performance before actual usage. You will have the opportunity to experience their servers firsthand and evaluate their reliability, speed, and features to see if they align with your needs. It’s a great opportunity to thoroughly assess Kamatera’s services before making a purchase decision and ensure that the chosen plan matches your business requirements.

Kamatera features

Most valued features by users:

Real Time Data
Access Controls/Permissions
Compliance Management
Activity Dashboard
Backup and Recovery
Reporting & Statistics
Backup Scheduling

Kamatera is great for hosting small and large projects. I recommend its services.


Kamatera provides a supersonic web hosting service with dedicated resources for hosting almost any project.Its products are pretty easy to install commencing from resources purchase wy up to installation and setup.Its VPS is quite diversified and really serves its purposes which are highly essential for client satisfaction; if you’d asked me.There are a variety of multi-server core options, server RAMS and DDos, and load balancers to improve speed performance. It offers great customer support with Live chats


No domain names: Kamatera doesn’t include a free domain name with its hosting plans, nor does it offer users the ability to purchase a new one. No free backups: There is currently no free backup option among the Kamatera web hosting plans.

Countries Kamatera Services Available In

Kamatera operate WorldWide with 18 global data centers located in:

  • North America: United States, Illinois,Chicago
  • North America: United States, New York, New York
  • North America: United States, Texas, Dallas
  • North America: United States, California, Santa Clara
  • North America: United States, Florida, Miami
  • North America: Canada, Toronto
  • Europe: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Europe: Germany, Frankfurt
  • Europe: United Kingdom, London
  • Europe: Italy, Milan
  • Europe: Sweden, Stockholm
  • Europe: Spain, Madrid
  • Asia: China, Hong Kong
  • Middle East: Israel, Petach Tikva
  • Middle East: Israel, Haifa
  • Middle East: Israel, Rosh Haayin
  • Middle East: Israel, Rosh Haayin (2)
  • Middle East: Israel, Tel Aviv

For more detailed information, please click kamatera to enter the official website

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